New Feature: The Introductory Call

September 22 2020

We know how much you want you to learn, But feel like not taking risks from a mentor that perhaps will not suit you?

We got you! From this September we're happy to announce that you can now request a scheduled call to your mentor! Our goal is for you to get to know the mentor before even enrolling!

Within the call, you can discuss your career goals a few years from now, What's your current setup, and why you want to apply mentorship. More importantly, you can able to tell if the mentor is right for you for free.

To do that you just have to simply go to their profile and click the "Free 10-mins call" button. Just fill the following information like your available date and email address to send a request. (Check the image for reference)

Introductory call

Please be advised that you can request only request an introductory call once every 14 days to protect our Mentors from repetitive requests. In-case your requested mentor was not able to approve your scheduled call, kindly understand that they also have other commitments and might have overlooked your request. Nevertheless, you can send an Introductory call request again soon!

We hope that you will find this helpful! Please don't forget to share this with other people who might be interested! Thank you, and Goodluck.