Frequently Asked Questions

What's mentorship with Mentorslab?
  • Provide guidance on working towards your personal goal.
  • Help you learn or improve technical skill by study plan or pointing you to the right resource
  • Actionable item such as small projects or challenges
  • Ask feedbacks over your project
  • CV feedback & interview preparation (Professional plan)
  • Help you develop a feature or debugging, we should not expect the mentor to work on your professional / personal project
  • Chat Instant replies, mentors may have full time job or other agendas.
  • Mentorship Plans
    It's always a struggle to find where we should start and how we should start. The Starter plan is designed for:

    Students who want to early establish their career and understand which part of the industry to take on.
    Individual who are interested in shifting their career with in tech industry.
    A mentorship Finding a mentor is never easy, Someone with passion to share what they've grind for over the years or decades are always hard to find.
    Study plan A learning course designed by your mentor just for you which aims to develop your skills base on your mentor assessment
    1 on 1 video call Consisting of 3-4 sessions per month. We know the pain in class setup. With this kind of setup you can easily express your goal, ask questions and discuss topic with your mentor. Book your session with your schedule.
    Activities & challenges Schools can't keep up on how fast paced the industry is, That's where your mentors comes in. With your mentor's assessment you will take on Activities that will bring you one step close your goals.
    Chat communication channel We will provide a chat channel for you and your mentor, Just please remember your mentor has different job and has the freedom how frequent they can answer your question
    Professional plan is designed for professional who wants to improve in the following areas:

    Interpersonal skill As we grow our technical skill we've learned that its only part of a puzzle, we need to learn how to present ourselves and ideas

    Specialty You want an in-depth technical skill in your career

    Leadership Individual contribution is far different from driving a project to success. Leadership is always one of the pillars of excellency

    Cracking Job Interviews Preparing an interview and receiving a honest feedback will give you an edge over your application
    All in Starter plan everything from Starter plan are also included in Professional Plan
    CV Evaluation CV evaluation make your
    Mock Interview & Interview preparation Both are important for getting the edge in competition, it covers the necessary preparation for both personal and technical interview & technical exams
    Professional development You've improve how to code, but that's only a piece of puzzle, Professional development aims to improve your interpersonal skill.
    Customer Service
    You can cancel any mentorship plan anytime, however we can't give a full refund as such we have to pay with our mentor
    You can contact us over our customer service channel. We will gather data and do necesary steps to handle the issue, such as mentorship cancelation.